We at AeroDreams,

chouse the outmost professional skilled helicopter pilots.

Each of our pilots are an IAF pilot with thousand of flight hours, combat missions and instructors at the best flight school
in the world.

Our team of personal, pilots, mechanics, operation officers are excellent service consciousness, multi languages, academics and most of it- knowing the country as there second nature.
Flying with us will give each and one of you peace of mind, confident and relaxation knowing that man and machine are welded together to provide the most satisfaction experiences.
We believe that only the highest qualified engineers, experiences pilots and best maintained helicopters are the key element to success.

Who we Are

Dror Lavie

Founder, CEO and Head of Operations

Dror is a highly experienced commercial pilot with over 10,000 flight hours.

Dror fly multi helicopters, single engine and multi engine, as well as planes such as Boing 747 and light fixed wings airplanes. Dror holds BA and MA degree from Beer Sheva and Haifa Universities in Public Management and INSS. Dror is the CEO of AeroDreams as well as its one of it’s Instructors and head of Operations. Dror believes that Israel is one of the most beautiful and special places on earth and aspires to present it to others in the best way he knows – from above.

Nir Yuster

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Nir’s passion for aviation started in his childhood, watching his father flying and fixing airplanes.

When he was ten years old he was educated in the Aero Club of Israel where he became an instructor in 1984. Nir was specialized in RC Plans later with jet engines. Nir is the managing partner of Yuster&Co law firm and is affiliated with International law firms in UK and USA. He has more than 20 years of proven experience in Commercial Law, specializing in complex transactions in Hi-Tech and International law, taxation and litigation. Nir holds LL.B and MBA degree from the Hebrew University and McCombs School of Business. Nir is a certified Helicopter Pilot with hundreds of flight hours. Nir believes that Passion and Love Excellencies are the key element for long lasting business.

Benny Yuster

Technical Service Manager

Benny has more than 55 years of proven experience in the Aviation industry.

Starting in the early days at the IAF, and later in the civilian aviation industry and in the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Benny has the rare talent that combines the knowledge and ability to solve complex technical issues and keep a high standard that is required in the world of aviation.

Ofer Ness

Instructor and Chief Pilot

Ofer's piloting career has started more than 40 years ago, with now more than 10,500 flight hours under his belt.

He was a pilot in the IAF, flying more than eight different helicopter models, and commanded the IAF's helicopter flight school among his other roles. He is a commercial pilot and an experienced flight instructor. Ofer serves as AeroDreams Chief Pilot. He has an MBA degree from the Tel-Aviv University, and a MA in Political Science from Haifa University.

Chibbi Naaman

Flight Instructor and Engineer

Chibbi is one of the most experienced flight instructors in Israel, with more than 15,000 flight hours under his belt on nine helicopter and 5 fixed wing airplane models.

He has served in the Israeli IAF for over 30 years and is a certified helicopter Engineer. Chibbi is fluent in Hebrew, English and Hungarian. Chibbi believes that safety and well maintenance are the key elements for a pilot to perform his best ability and to fulfil his task.

Dov Peleg

Flight Instructor

Dov is a commercial and Instructor helicopter pilot. He has more than 15,000 flight hours on multiple aircraft, helicopter and fix wings aircraft.

He flies more 9 Helicopter types, complex and agriculture plans. He serves as an Instructor in the IAF and holds operational experiences. Dov believes that experience and practice are key elements for a professional pilot.

We are here for you

Should you have any question regards Flight School or Helicopter Tours in Israel, we are always available for your enquiry.